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Facing the possibility of having invasive surgery due to pain in my cervical spine, Dr. Proaño educated me on a new procedure utilizing your own body’s capacity to promote healing and cell growth in the damaged disks. He very openly discussed the advantages and related risks. I had the procedure 6 months ago and the constant pain I was experiencing has been reduced dramatically. Dr. Proaño and his entire staff were very caring and supportive throughout the entire process.Carmen J.
I’ve been seeing Dr. Proano for pain management related to three degenerated discs. After trying epidurals and facet blocks I was left solely to rely on pain medication which was not my lifelong vision. While contemplating surgery for one overly painful disc, Dr. Proano recommended that I consider regenerative medicine. After having performed my research I decided the potential reward highly outweighed any associated risks.
Dr. Proano recommended collecting regenerative cells from both fat, through liposuction, and bone marrow aspiration. I appreciated this approach as other practitioners offer only bone marrow cells as it’s a faster method of collection. As regenerative cells are highly abundant in fat, and I’m in it for maximum relief, I felt I was getting the most bang for my dollar.
Dr. Proano was great during the entire process. He spoke with me prior, reviewed everything in thorough detail, and answered any final questions. The staff at the center excelled as well and made sure I was comfortable at all times. After the procedure I was sent home in a compression garment. Any discomfort I had from the procedure was minimal and well below what I expected. I was back to work in 3 days and had no complications.
Dr. Proano advised me that relief generally occurs between 2-6 months. At 2 weeks I started gentle stretching and noticed I did not have an exacerbation of radicular leg symptoms. This I felt was significant as I’ve been able to get my mobility back.
What I most appreciate about Dr. Proano, in addition to him being highly competent and professional, is that for no additional charge he is doing a “booster” of bone marrow cells within 6 months of the initial injection. I think that is a really great gesture as it reinforces he is all about helping his patients finding relief and not the buck.
I would highly recommend this procedure as well as Dr. Proano to anyone who is attempting to avoid surgery through less invasive regenerative measures.
Andy O.