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Regenerative Therapy for Spinal Facet Pain | Cell Life Medical
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Regenerative Therapy for Spinal Facet Pain


Facet joints are small synovial joints which, along with intervertebral discs, connect adjacent vertebral bones throughout the spine from the neck down to the lower back.  Facet joints are like any other joint in the body in that they are comprised of smooth articular cartilage on each bone surface, while also containing lubricating synovial fluid within the joint.  And just like any other joint in the body, facet joints are prone to injury and excessive wear and tear, leading to painful degeneration and arthritis.

Facet joint syndrome is a very common cause of chronic neck and low back pain.  Individuals with chronic neck or low back pain frequently suffer from a combination of intervertebral discogenic pain as well as facet joint pain.

In the past, treatment for spinal facet pain have consisted of anti-inflammatory and/or analgesic medications, physical therapy, cortisone injections, neural ablation procedures, and spinal fusion.  Each of these treatments has drawbacks such as inadequate pain relief, temporary effectiveness, or extremely invasive and risky with lengthy recovery.

Regenerative medical therapies are ideally suited to treat facet joint pain because it is safe, effective and minimally invasive. Regenerative therapy can regenerate the injured or worn out cartilage of facet joints, thus relieving pain and restoring more normal function.