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Why Choose Cell Life Medical? | Cell Life Medical
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Why Choose Cell Life Medical?


A regenerative medicine treatment can be a life changing event for you.  It should be performed by a doctor with the proper knowledge, experience and expertise to provide you with the best possible outcome, as well as a safe and comfortable experience.  Dr. Proano has dedicated himself to staying on the cutting edge and latest developments in the arena of Regenerative Medicine and therapies.

Unique Approach – Adult autologous regenerative cells can be obtained from bone marrow or adipose tissue.  Each has its advantages over the other.  At Cell Life Medical, our approach utilizes both bone marrow and adipose tissue, depending on each patient’s unique and individual characteristics and needs.  We also commonly incorporate PRP along with either bone marrow or adipose to provide additional regenerative potency.

Also of paramount importance is the precise and accurate delivery of the regenerative therapy to the intended target, either arthritic joint or damaged disc.  This is accomplished by guiding a needle into the joint or disc.  This may not be as easy as it sounds.  Remember that these are diseased structures, sometimes severely damaged.  They may have severe joint space or disc space narrowing, or bone spurs impeding entry into it.  Therefore safe and accurate needle placement often requires great skill and experience.  All regenerative therapy injections performed at Cell Life Medical are done so utilizing real time fluoroscopic x-ray guidance.  This insures accurate delivery of the regenerative therapy, and is a far superior technique compared to either ultrasound guided injections, or even blind injections, which other regenerative therapy clinics may employ.

Experience and Expertise – Dr. Proano has over 25 years of experience in the treatment of musculoskeletal and spinal disease.  He received subspecialty fellowship training in this field at UCLA Medical Center.  Likewise, he has over 25 years of experience performing precise and delicate image guided injections and other minimally invasive procedures, into joints, into the spine, and into intervertebral discs.  Dr. Proano has participated in the education and training of other physicians in these techniques and procedures.