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What Is Regenerative Medicine? | Cell Life Medical
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What Is Regenerative Medicine?


Adult Cells – Adult regenerative cells are undifferentiated cells found in many tissues in our bodies.  These locations include bone marrow, fat tissue, skin, muscle, heart tissue, liver, peripheral blood and blood vessels, as well as other organs. regenerative therapy are necessary for our bodies to continuously replenish our tissues such as skin, hair, muscle, blood cells, etc.

Adult regenerative cells are undifferentiated, meaning they are cells which have not grown up and taken their final form and function.  Adult regenerative cells are multipotent, meaning they are capable of differentiating into several possible types of cells.  For example, both bone marrow and adipose derived regenerative therapy, given the proper environment and cellular signals, can develop into new and healthy joint cartilage tissue or disc tissue.

Embryonic Cells – Embryonic cells, as the name implies, are derived from human embryos. Most embryonic cells are obtained from embryos that have been fertilized in vitro, meaning in a laboratory.  Embryonic cells have been the subject of intense philosophical, religious and political debate since the 1990’s.  Currently, embryonic cells are utilized almost exclusively for basic science research purposes, and are not used for clinical or patient use.

At Cell Life Medical, we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT use embryonic cells.  We only utilize adult regenerative cells derived from your own body’s rich supply.