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Regenerative Therapy | Cell Life Medical
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Cell Life Medical provides adult regenerative therapy as a safe, outpatient procedure that is clinically proven to provide relief for patients suffering from various conditions, including: joint arthritis, spinal disc disease, and other chronic musculoskeletal diseases. Our regenerative have allowed countless patients to avoid major surgeries, such as joint replacement and debilitating back surgery.

We want to stress that Cell Life Medical uses only adult, autologous regenerative therapy for our regenerative treatments. These regenerative therapy are obtained from each patient and used exclusively on his or her own body. We do not use controversial embryonic stem cells whatsoever.


Obtaining Regenerative Therapy

Regenerative are harvested from two locations within the human body: bone marrow, and adipose tissue. Most regenerative therapy clinics harvest regenerative therapy from either bone marrow or adipose tissue.  At Cell Life Medical, our doctors have expertise and experience with both bone marrow and fat cell harvesting, as each method has certain advantages over the other.  Adipose tissue contains our body’s richest supply of regenerative.  Bone marrow, while having a lesser concentration of regenerative therapy than adipose tissue, does contain unique growth factors which enhances the regenerative effects of the regenerative therapy.  Therefore, by utilizing both types of regenerative therapy we can provide patients with the best of both worlds.

Bone marrow aspiration is a 10-minute procedure performed on the pelvic bones, where there is an abundant supply of regenerative. Adipose-derived regenerative therapy are collected via a brief 20-30 minute liposuction procedure on the abdomen or flank. Both procedures are performed under local anesthesia, with little or no sedation needed.


Preparing and Concentrating Regenerative Therapy

Bone marrow aspirate and adipose tissue are both put through a strict laboratory protocol within a sterile, closed-system environment. This process yields a regenerative therapy concentrate which is ready to be administered back into your body in the areas of greatest need; where they can start to repair and regenerate healthy, vibrant tissue.


Regenerative Injection Therapy

The regenerative therapy concentrate is injected into the ailing joint, disc, or other injury location. These injections are carried out using real time x-ray guidance to ensure accurate and effective delivery to the ultimate target site. Our regenerative each have over 20 years of experience performing these injection procedures. In some cases, it may also be beneficial to supplement the localized regenerative with additional systemic regenerative therapy administration.


Follow Up

Follow-up appointments will be scheduled regularly during the first 2-3 months after your procedure, and then periodically after that. Sometimes a “booster” of PRP and/or bone marrow is administered at between 4-8 weeks in order to enhance the regenerative effects. The entire regenerative process can take up to one year.