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Am I A Candidate for Regenerative Therapy? | Cell Life Medical
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Am I A Candidate for Regenerative Therapy?



Candidate for Regenerative Therapy
At Cell Life Medical, we specialize in treatment of joint disease and intervertebral disc disease utilizing the most advanced science, and state of the art regenerative medicine technology.

Patients who are afflicted with pain from arthritic or damaged joints such as shoulder, hip and knee are excellent candidates for regenerative therapies.  Likewise patients suffering from back pain due to intervertebral disc disease or facet arthritis are also excellent candidates.

There are no specific age requirements or limitations for regenerative therapies.  Each patient is evaluated on an individual basis which takes into account his or her specific condition as well as their overall health status.

Regenerative medicine therapies are minimally invasive procedures which provide successful treatment for many of these conditions without the risk of major surgery, such as total joint replacement or spinal fusion. Regenerative therapies also avoid the painful recovery and lengthy rehabilitation from these types of surgery.

Regenerative medicine therapies may not be the proper treatment for all patients.  Some joint or spinal conditions do require more invasive treatment including joint replacement or spinal fusion.  We invite you to consult with the doctors at Cell Life Medical to see if Regenerative Medicine is right for you.