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“The scientific breakthrough in the field of stem cell medicine is extremely exciting and has the potential to impact the lives of countless patients. However, as with any new technology, the ultimate benefit will be achieved only when doctors exercise excellent judgement in the application of the technology. This is where I will use my 25 years of experience in spinal and musculoskeletal medicine to the greatest benefit for my patients.”

Dr. Fabian Proano

“Facing the possibility of having invasive surgery due to pain in my cervical spine, Dr. Proaño educated me on a new procedure utilizing your own stem cells to promote healing and cell growth in the damaged disks. He very openly discussed the advantages and related risks. I had the procedure 6 months ago and the constant pain I was experiencing has been reduced dramatically. Dr. Proaño and his entire staff were very caring and supportive throughout the entire process”.- Carmen J.
“I’ve been seeing Dr. Proano for pain management related to three degenerated discs. After trying epidurals and facet blocks I was left solely to rely on pain medication which was not my lifelong vision. While contemplating surgery for one overly painful disc, Dr. Proano recommended that I consider stem cell therapy. After having performed my research I decided the potential reward highly outweighed any associated risks.”- Andy O.